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Lesson 1. Working with the Interface > Creating and Naming Bins

Creating and Naming Bins

The first step to organizing your project is to create new bins to sort your elements. You will create three new bins to organize the current project, one each for clips, audio, and sequences. Typically with Final Cut Pro, you can accomplish the same task several ways. You will create three bins using three different methods.

Click in the Browser window to make it active.

Choose File > New > Bin.

A new bin appears in the Browser with the default name Bin 2.


A default sequential number always appears in the name of new bins, sequences, and projects. Since this project already has a Bin 1, the new bin is named Bin 2.

If the bin name is already highlighted, type Clips.

Press Return or the Tab key to accept the name. If you need to correct it, click the text of the name itself, not the bin icon, to highlight the name again.

When you press Return, the newly named bin is placed in its appropriate alphabetical order.


If you want to change a bin name, but the bin is not highlighted, click once to select the bin, and once again on the name to highlight the text. Pressing the Enter key is another way of highlighting the name of a selected item.

To create another bin folder, press the keyboard shortcut Cmd-B.

Name the bin Audio, and press Return to accept the name.

To create the third bin, Ctrl-click the Browser gray area under the Name column and choose New Bin from the shortcut menu. You can also right-click using a two-button mouse.

Name this bin Sequences.

To remove the bin labeled Bin 1, click once to select it and press Delete.



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