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Lesson 5. Trimming Edit Points > Extending an Edit Point

Extending an Edit Point

Another way to trim a clip is to extend a selected edit point to a new location either backward or forward. Extending an edit always works in conjunction with the playhead location and the default Selection tool. The selected edit point snaps to the location of the playhead in the sequence. As with all trim options, extending an edit can make a clip longer or shorter.

Press A to select the default Selection tool.

In the current sequence, play the second half of the JM what you see clip. Position the playhead after he says, “…who and what they are.”

You will shorten this clip by moving its Out point to the playhead location.

Select the Out point on the second JM what you see clip.

Both sides of the edit point are selected.

Press E, or choose Sequence > Extend Edit.

The Out point is moved backward to the playhead location.


You can only extend an edit if you have enough clip material to support the move. If you have placed the playhead out of the clip's range of material, you can't extend the clip to the new location, and no change will be made to that clip.

To extend an edit point to lengthen a clip, open the Extend Edit sequence from the Browser, and play some of this sequence.

Music has been added to these Amanda clips, and the last clips in the sequence do not end together. You will change this using the Extend function.

Move the playhead to the end of the last narration clip in the A4 track. Select the Out point of the 98C-wide clip.

Press E to lengthen this clip to the playhead location, at the end of the narration clip.

This lengthens the clip to match the narration. However, the music clip also needs to be adjusted. These two clips can be changed at the same time.

Press Cmd-Z to undo the last step. With the Out point of the 98C-wide clip still selected, Cmd-click the Out point of the music track on the A5 and A6 tracks.

Press E to extend both clips to the playhead location.



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