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Lesson 5. Trimming Edit Points > Rippling with Durations and Shortcuts

Rippling with Durations and Shortcuts

Sometimes you may have a fixed trim amount in mind. It could be a few frames, or 10, or 30. Just as you typed a move duration in the Timeline to move a clip, you can also type a trim amount to trim a clip. You can also use a few keyboard shortcuts to trim an edit point.

Play the first clip in the sequence, the 97A-out of bldg clip.

This clip has a lot of pad at the head of the clip. You will trim 5 seconds off the head of this clip, which will start the clip 5 seconds later.

Use the Ripple tool to click the inner edge of that clip's In point.

Type 5.00, or 5. (5 followed by a period).

A Ripple information box appears in the center of the Timeline with the amount of the trim.

Press Return to enter that trim amount.

The selected In point is trimmed forward by that amount, and no gap is created.

To find the next clip to trim, you will use a Find command. Press Shift-Z to see the sequence in full view. Move the playhead to the head of the sequence, and press Cmd-F. In the Find dialog, enter 98B-man in the Find field. Click the Find All button (not the Find button).

In the Timeline, the playhead jumps forward to the first 98B-man clip and highlights all clips named 98B-man in this sequence.

Move the playhead to the third highlighted 98B-man clip. Deselect the highlighted clips, and press Option-+ to zoom into the playhead location. Play this clip.

At the end of this clip, you hear Amanda say, “Ahh.” She says it again on camera in the following clip so you can trim it from this clip.

To ripple using a keyboard shortcut, click the Out point of this 98B-man clip, and press the [ (left bracket) key.

Pressing the left bracket key trims the selected Out point one frame to the left, or one frame earlier. The following clips in the sequence are pulled up by one frame. You can press the bracket key repeatedly to trim additional frames. However, you will need more than a few frames to trim off Amanda's “Ahh.”

To trim by a slightly larger amount, press Shift-[ (left bracket).

The Out point jumps a default number of frames.


Using Shift with a bracket key applies a multi-frame trim size to the trim. You can change this amount (from 1 frame up to 99 frames) in the Editing tab of the User Preferences window.

If necessary, press Shift-[ a few times to remove Amanda's “Ahh.” You can also add frames back by pressing ] (right bracket) or Shift-].

Any change you make using these keyboard shortcuts ripples the following clips in the sequence.


You can also press the < or > keys to trim the selected edit point one frame backward or forward. You can use Shift with these keys to trim the multi-frame trim amount.

Press A to restore the default Selection tool.



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