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Lesson 6. Adjusting Edit Points > Other Slipping Options

Other Slipping Options

Another way to slip a clip is by typing in the number of frames, or even seconds, you want to slip, just as you did with the Roll tool in the previous exercise. In order to use numbers or other shortcuts to slip a clip, the clip must first be selected in the Timeline. Also, once a clip is in the sequence, you can double-click it and make slip adjustments in the Viewer.

In the Timeline, play the ruin steps clip.

This clip should start a few seconds later where the camera starts to tilt up. To slip this clip by entering a slip amount, the clip first has to be selected.

Try to select the ruin steps clip with the Slip tool.

The Slip tool and other adjustment tools are for specific editing functions and do not allow you to simply select a clip. You could press A to return to the default Selection tool, select the clip, then return to the Slip tool. But there is a shortcut.

To select this clip, hold down the Shift key. When the pointer reverts to the default Selection tool, select the ruin steps clip, then release the Shift key to revert the pointer back to the Slip tool.


You can also use the Shift key to temporarily revert to the default Selection tool when you are working with other tools, such as Ripple or Roll.

Type –2. (minus 2 followed by a period) in the Timeline, and press Return.


Unlike other uses of plus or minus in adjusting a sequence clip, when you slip a clip using numbers, the direction may seem reversed. Adding a minus sign to a number is the same as dragging the clip left with the Slip tool, and therefore choosing later clip content. A plus sign is the equivalent of dragging the clip to the right, or slipping earlier content into the clip.

Play the new clip content.

Press A to return to the default Selection tool, and double-click the ice floes clip. In the Viewer, move the pointer over one of the edit points in the scrubber bar.

The two rows of dots appear in the scrubber bar to indicate that this clip is already in the sequence. Also, the pointer changes to the resize arrow when you move it over an edit point.

In the Viewer scrubber bar, press Shift, and click and hold either the In or Out point.

The first frame of the clip appears in the Viewer, and the last frame appears in the Canvas.

Now drag left until you see the sled first appear in the left side of the frame. Release the mouse when you see the new In and Out points you like.

As you drag, both edit points move simultaneously.



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