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Lesson 6. Adjusting Edit Points > Working with the Slip Tool

Working with the Slip Tool

When you apply the Slip tool to a clip in the Timeline, you drag right to see earlier clip material before the In point and left to see later material after the Out point. Think of the clip as your windshield, and the additional material to the left or right outside your windshield view makes up your handles. The Slip tool is the fifth tool from the top in the Tool palette.

In the Timeline, close all the open Rolling sequences, and open the Intro Slipping sequence from the Browser.

This is the first version of the Intro sequence without sound effects. The placement and duration of each clip is correct. However, the selection of clip content is not the best it could be in all cases.

Move the playhead to the tall buildings clip, which is the third clip from the end of the sequence. Press Option-+ to zoom into this clip, and play the clip.

From other screenings of this clip and sequence, you may remember that two U.S. flags appear later in this clip.

In the Tool palette, click the Slip tool, or press S.

With the Slip tool, click and hold the tall buildings clip in the Timeline.

One brown outline appears around the video clip box, and another one appears past the clip box. This outer outline indicates graphically how much original source materia is available for you to draw from on either side while making a slip adjustment.

With the Slip tool, drag left until you see both U.S. flags appear in the center of the right frame of the Canvas, but don't release the mouse.


If you want greater control as you slip a clip, press N to turn off snapping.

In the Canvas two-up display, the new In and Out points of this clip are updated.

In the Timeline, an information box appears, showing the amount you have adjusted the clip forward or backward.

Release the mouse, and play the new clip content.

Press Shift-Z to zoom back to the full sequence, and play the first clip, the sunrise clip. With the Slip tool, click and drag the clip right as far as you can.

In the Canvas, the end-of-clip filmstrip overlay appears in the left frame to indicate that you are currently on the first frame of the clip. You cannot move any farther to the right. If you drag all the way to the left, you will see the end-of-clip overlay on the right frame.

Slip the sunrise clip however you like.



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