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Lesson 6. Adjusting Edit Points > Other Rolling Options

Other Rolling Options

You can enter the amount of a roll adjustment in the Timeline or use shortcut keys, just like you did with the Ripple tool. You can also use the Extend Edit function, which will extend the selected Out point of one clip and the In point of the adjacent clip to the playhead location.

In the Amanda Rolling sequence, play the next two clips, where Amanda and the man speak together in their native tongue.

The edit point between these two clips might be improved if you stay longer on Amanda's video before cutting back to the man. But, as in theprevious example, you don't want to change the audio portion of these clips, just the video.

With the Roll tool, select the video edit point between the 98A-amanda clip and 98B-man clip.

In the Timeline, type 1.00 to roll this edit point to the right 1 second.

Press Return, and play the edit.

As with any new edit, the playhead jumps to the edit point after completing the adjustment.


If the clip handle is not long enough to cover the duration you entered, it will roll as many frames as it can in that direction.

To further finesse this selected edit point, press the left or right bracket keys to roll one frame left or right. To roll the multi-frame trim amount, press Shift-[ (left bracket) or Shift-] (right bracket).


Pressing the Shift key with the Roll tool on the pointer will temporarily change the pointer to the Ripple tool. Then you can make a change on both edit points at the same time (Roll tool) or just one edit point (Ripple).

Play the last 98A-amanda clip in this sequence.

To roll the beginning of this clip into the previous clip so that it begins earlier, you can also use the extend function. Again, this will extend the Out point of the outgoing clip and the In point of the incoming clip the same amount in the same direction. This is essentially what the Roll tool does, but you can perform this function with the default Selection tool.

Press A to return to the default Selection tool.

Move the playhead toward the end of the previous 98B-man clip, and select the edit point between this and the 98A-amanda clip. This time use the Extend Edit shortcut key, E, to extend the edit point to the playhead location.

Since the playhead was parked where you wanted the new edit point to be, pressing E extends, or rolls, the selected edit point to that location.


You can also use the bracket keys and Shift-bracket to extend or roll edit points selected with the default Selection tool.

Play the new edit, and press Cmd-S to save your work.



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