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Lesson 9. Capturing Footage > Playing the Source Tape

Playing the Source Tape

The preview area of the Log And Capture window is used to play your source material and set In and Out points. If the capture device is connected through FireWire or a third-party capture card with a device control cable, you will have direct control of the device, meaning you can play and control it from within the Final Cut Pro interface. If not, you will have to control the device manually.

To get started viewing the source material, put a source tape into your camera or deck.

The preview area is similar in layout to the Viewer window. It has Timecode Duration and Current Timecode fields above the image area, a set of transport controls below the image area, plus shuttle and jog controls. The marking controls are in the lower left and lower right of the preview area. Between the marking controls is a device status area that indicates whether you have control over the capture device. In addition, the total amount of free hard drive space and time appears in the upper-middle area of the screen.

In the preview area, click the Play button to play the tape.


When you capture into Final Cut Pro through FireWire, you can choose to preview the audio through FCP, which you will do later in this lesson, or you can monitor it through headphones or speakers plugged into your device.

Click the Stop button to pause the tape.

Click the Stop button again to stop the tape.

When a tape in a camera or deck is stopped, the tape unwraps from the video heads. But the image in the preview area displays a freeze-frame of the most recent frame played.


Pausing your tape is more efficient than stopping it completely. But leaving the tape in pause mode too long can damage the tape or cause video drop-outs.

Press the spacebar to play the tape, and the Play button lights up.

Press the spacebar again to pause the tape, and the Stop button lights up.

Click the Rewind or Fast Forward buttons to move quickly backward or forward.

Rewind your source tape to the beginning to prepare for the capture process.



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