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Lesson 14. Multicam Editing > Switching Angles with Effects

Switching Angles with Effects

You can apply filter, speed, and motion effects to angles you've cut in the multiclip in the Timeline. You do this the same way you would with a single clip. But if you decide to switch an angle with an effect to another angle at the same location, the new angle will not have the effect. There is a way you can switch to a different angle and also apply the previous angle's effects to the new angle:

With a multiclip in the Timeline, move the playhead over any clip and choose Effects > Video Filters > Image Control > Desaturate. Play this clip.

The Desaturate filter has removed the saturation from this clip, but only on this specific angle, not on the other angles located at this position in the multiclip.

Move the playhead over the desaturated clip, and switch to a different camera angle.

The different angle has color. Only the angle that was previously active in the sequence at this location has the Desaturate filter.


Remember that a multiclip is like a layered cake stacked with individual single clips. If a filter is applied to an angle, it is like icing on the top layer of the cake. Applying a filter (the icing) on the top layer does not automatically apply it to any of the angles (or layers) below.

Press Cmd-Z to return to the previous desaturated angle.

This time, switch to a different angle by clicking one of the first four purple Switch Video With Effects buttons in the Timeline button bar. Make sure you are switching to a different camera angle than the one with the Desaturate filter.

Any filters, speed, or motion effects that were applied to the previous angle are now applied to the current angle. In this case, the new angle is also desaturated.



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