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Lesson 14. Multicam Editing > Modifying Multiclips in the Viewer

Modifying Multiclips in the Viewer

Once you have created a multiclip and have opened it in the Viewer, you can modify certain aspects of it. You can change the arrangement of the clips in the 4-up view, delete an angle from the multiclip selection, or add a different angle to the grouping. You can also resynchronize a clip to start earlier or laterin the group. In this exercise, you'll begin by rearranging the current layout of the clips in the Viewer.

To reposition the Nick_drums clip in the multiclip, Cmd-click that angle and drag it to the left. Release it over the Amit_lead guitar clip.

As soon as you begin to drag a clip to a new angle position, the clip in the original angle position moves to allow for the new clip arrangement.


If at any time you no longer see the multiclip angles in the Viewer, just double-click the multiclip in the Browser to reopen it.

Cmd-click the Nick_drums clip, drag it to the upper-right corner, and release it. Look at the angle number of this clip.

Changing the position of a clip in the Viewer 4-up display changes the angle number of that clip within the multiclip. It does not, however, change the clip's angle number in the Angle column of the Browser. The original angle 2 clip, Dean_bass, has been moved down to the next line as angle 3.

To add a fifth clip to the multiclip group, drag the wide right clip into the upper-left corner of the Viewer, but don't release the mouse.

An overlay appears over the image, giving you the option to insert the new clip as the new angle 1 or overwrite the current angle, removing it from the multiclip group.

To add this clip to the multiclip group at this location, release it onto the Insert New Angle option.

The other clips are moved to the right and then down. At this point you will not see the fifth angle. In a moment, you will change a setting to see all the angles.

From the Audio Pops bin, drag the CD Track – In points clip to the Viewer and insert it in the lower-right corner.

This is the final mixed track of the song, “Box Office Stud.” It will provide a better soundtrack for the music video than the music on the video clips.


When you drag a new clip onto an active angle, only the Insert New Angle option appears. You cannot overwrite the active angle.

Move your pointer to the lower-right corner of the Viewer, and click the down arrow to scroll to the offscreen angles, Dean_bass and Amit_lead guitar. In the upper-right corner, click the up arrow to return to the first four angles.

In the Viewer, click the View pop-up menu and choose Multiclip 9-Up from the pop-up menu.

When you change to the Multiclip 9-up view, you can see all the angles contained in this multiclip. You can view up to 16 angles in real time.

To select a clip a different way, click the Viewer Playhead Sync pop-up. Make sure Video + Audio is checked toward the top of the pop-up menu, then drag your pointer down the menu and choose either the video or audio of the CD Track – In Points clip.

This clip becomes highlighted in the Viewer. When Video + Audio is the active mode, you are selecting the video and audio of the clip you select. But when you change the mode to Video, you can switch between just the video sources and allow the audio from the CD mixed track source to continue playing.

Click the Playhead Sync pop-up and choose Video as the switching mode. Now click the Gilly_cu guitar clip.

The blue-green highlight separates when not in Video + Audio mode. The green highlight stays over the active audio source, and the blue highlight switches to the Gilly_cu guitar clip, indicating it is the active video angle.


You can also change the switching mode by choosing View > Multiclip Active Tracks and selecting the appropriate option. The switching mode remains until you change it to a different option.

Now play the multiclip and watch the angles against the mixed CD track.

To delete the Amit_lead guitar clip from the multiclip and return to just four video angles, Cmd-click and drag it anywhere outside of the Viewer, then release the mouse.


You cannot delete an active angle.

A smoke puff will appear, indicating that you have removed the clip from the multiclip grouping.

Reposition the CD Track angle to be the last angle, or lower-right angle, in the group. Then click the View pop-up and choose Multiclip 4-Up to return to that display.

The audio source will be out of view, but since you are only switching between video angles, it won't matter.



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