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Lesson 4. Marking in the Timeline > Linking Clips Together

Linking Clips Together

Now that you have an audio sound effect positioned with each video clip, you may want to go one step further and link these clips together. When clips are originally captured with the audio and video together, they are automatically linked. But you can also join unlinked clips together if you want to make changes to both the audio and the video at the same time. When a clip's audio and video tracks are linked, you can move the clip or adjust its length by adjusting just one track, and all tracks in the linked clip will be adjusted equally. In the next lesson, you will learn to adjust the length of a clip. Here you will link the V1 video clips together with the A1 audio clips in preparation for the next lesson.


For these steps, you may want to press Option-+ to zoom into the clips you will be linking.

In the Timeline, look at the second video clip in the V1 track, the healer walking clip.

Notice that the clip name has no underline. An underlined name in a video clip tells you that the clip is linked to audio that's presently in the sequence.

Click the healer walking video clip.

When you select this clip, only the video is selected because there is currently no audio attached to this video clip.

Now Cmd-click the light wind.aif sound effect clip beneath the healer walking video clip so that both are selected together.

Choose Modify > Link, or press Cmd-L, to link the video and audio clips together.

When you link these clips, the link line appears under the video clip name, indicating it's linked to audio in the sequence.

Deselect this clip, then click the video portion of the clip again.

Both clips become selected because they are linked together.

Use the methods in steps 2 through 4 to select and link each set of V1 and A1 clips.


Although you can link multiple audio clips together, you can only have one video clip as part of a linked clip.

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