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Lesson 2. Marking and Editing > Viewing and Removing Marks

Viewing and Removing Marks

During the editing process, you will often need to review or change your edit points. In this exercise, you will learn additional ways to view, go to, and remove your marks using the Viewer transport buttons and keyboard shortcuts. These methods utilize the same keys you've been using for marking Ins and Outs—I and O. For now, let's practice viewing and removing marks on a single clip.

Open the 97B-walking slo-mo clip from the Browser, and press Shift-I to move the playhead to the In point. Press Shift-O to move it to the Out point.

In the Viewer transport button area, click the Previous Edit button and then the Next Edit button. Click each several times in a row.

These buttons move the playhead backward or forward to an edit point and then to the head or tail of the clip.


The straight vertical line in the transport controls represents an edit point. The arrows represent the direction the playhead will move to go to the next edit point, backward or forward—that is, previous or next.

With the playhead at the head of the clip, press the down arrow several times, then the up arrow several times.

When edit points are present, the up and down arrows stop at each edit point, just as the Previous Edit and Next Edit buttons do.


You can also press the : (colon) and ' (apostrophe) keys to perform this function. Since they're close to the J, K, and L keys, they may be more convenient.

To view the clip from the playhead to the Out point, drag the playhead to a point between the In and Out marks, and press Shift-P.

In a clip with a longer marked duration, this is a helpful way to review material up to the Out point.

Move the playhead to the middle of the clip, and click the Play Around Current Frame button to play a little before the playhead location and a little after. You can also use the keyboard shortcut, which is the \ (backslash) key.

The Play Around Current Frame function is not tied to a mark. It will play around the current location of the playhead, wherever that is in the clip or sequence. There are many uses for this function. For instance, you can use it to move the playhead back a few seconds and give youself a running start to set a new edit point.


You can set the distance the playhead moves back from its location to begin to play in the Preview Pre-roll entry in the User Preferences.

To remove the In point for this clip, press Option-I. Press Option-O to remove the Out point.

To undo those steps and return the marks, press Cmd-Z twice.

Press Option-X to remove both marks at the same time. Press Cmd-Z to return the marks.

Press Cmd-S to save your project changes.



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