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Lesson 2. Marking and Editing > Marking Timecode Numbers

Marking Timecode Numbers

You can also screen and log timecode numbers for each clip and go to those numbers to set In and Out points. This procedure is used in many interview and reality television shows, where there is no shooting script. A screener views and logs source tapes, then a writer or producer creates what is sometimes called a paper cut, a list of timecode references to shots they want included in the show. In this situation, an editor cuts together a rough cut by entering selected timecode numbers and marking those points.

Open the 97B-walking slo-mo clip, and scrub through it by dragging the playhead through the scrubber bar.

Although this clip does not have any dialogue, it has portions that are not as usable because the man walking behind Amanda becomes too prominent in the frame. The best portion has been noted for you.

Click in the Current Timecode field, type 11:06:34:00, and press Return.

In the scrubber bar, the playhead jumps to the timecode location labeled 11 hours, 6 minutes, 34 seconds, and 0 frames.


When typing a timecode number, you don't need to type the zeros before the first digit if it's a single-digit hour, or the colons or semicolons that separate the values. Final Cut Pro will add those automatically. However, the text of this book uses colons to make the timecode numbers easier to read.

Set an In point at this location.

This time, don't click in the Current Timecode field. Just type 11:06:42:08, and press Return.

When the Viewer window is active, any number you type is automatically entered into the Current Timecode field as a timecode number.


You can move the playhead to specific timecode locations in the Canvas and Timeline by using this same approach. Make sure the appropriate window is active before typing a number.

Set an Out point at this location, and click the Play In To Out button to view the marked portion of this clip.

Open the 98C-wide clip, and play it until you see Amanda start to walk away. To find the exact frame, type 13:02:10:23, and press Return. Set an In point at this location.

Type 13:02:19:19, and press Return. Set an Out point at this location, and play from the In to the Out.



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