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Lesson 2. Marking and Editing > Marking with Keyboard Shortcuts

Marking with Keyboard Shortcuts

For some, working with keyboard shortcuts is a preferred way to edit, whereas others prefer clicking buttons on the interface. In Final Cut Pro, shortcuts are often created from the first letter of the functions. This is true for the Mark In and Mark Out shortcuts. All the keyboard shortcuts that relate to the In point use the letter I with or without a modifier key. All the shortcuts that relate to the Out point use the letter O.

From the Clips bin, open the 98B-man clip in the Viewer. Play it, and stop after you hear the man say, “Thank you, sister.”

Since you heard him say, “Thank you, sister,” in the previous clip, you will cut to this camera angle for his next line.

Press the I key to set an In point at this location.

An In point is placed in the scrubber bar at this location, as well as over the image area, just as it did when you clicked the Mark In button.


You can also mark clips while they're playing, with either the shortcut keys or the mark buttons. This is called marking on the fly.

Play from the In point, and without stopping, press O to set an Out point after the man says, “Nice suit. Armani?” Notice the duration in the Timecode Duration field because it will change in the next step.

To move the playhead back to the In point, press Shift-I. Play from the In point, and this time set a new Out point after Amanda says, “Yeah,” to allow time for the man to look up at her.

When you set a new In or Out point when one already exists, the new mark replaces the previous mark, and a new duration appears.

Click the Play In To Out button to play the new marked portion of this clip.

From the Browser, open the 98A-amanda clip again, or you can click the Recent Clips pop-up menu and select it.

Once you set edit points on a clip, those edit points stay with the clip until you remove them or remark the clip.

From the Audio bin in the Browser, open the VO_17 clip, and play it. You will use this clip in its entirety.

To apply the Mark Clip command using a shortcut, press the X key.

Just as when you used the Mark Clip button, an In point is placed on the first frame of this clip, and an Out point is placed on the last frame.

Choose File > Save Project, or press Cmd-S, to save the edit points you've created.



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