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Lesson 2. Marking and Editing > Backing Up Sequences

Backing Up Sequences

In the next exercise, you will insert clips from Scene 97 before the dialogue clips from Scene 98. Before making major changes to a sequence, it's a good idea to back up the sequence by duplicating it. This way, if you don't like the new changes, you can go back to the previous version and start again. Duplicating a sequence makes an exact copy of the edit information. It does not duplicate the source media.

In the Browser, Ctrl-click the Amanda – Starting sequence icon.

A shortcut menu appears with different options.

Choose Duplicate.

A duplicate sequence is created and placed under the original sequence in the Browser. The word Copy is added to the sequence name.

To rename this sequence, click in the name area, and type Amanda – Starting backup. Press Tab or Return to accept it.


If you're not making a major change to your sequence but just want to back up the current version, you can add a date or version number in the sequence name.

In the Browser, double-click the Amanda – Starting backup sequence to open it in the Timeline.

Click alternately the Amanda – Starting and Amanda – Starting backup sequence tabs.

At this point, the two sequences should be identical.

To close the Amanda – Starting backup sequence, Ctrl-click its tab in the Timeline or Canvas and choose Close Tab. You will continue working in the Amanda – Starting sequence.

Take a moment to save the work you've done in the project by pressing Cmd-S.



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