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Lesson 3. Drag-and-Drop Editing > Selecting and Deselecting a Clip

Selecting and Deselecting a Clip

Learning to correctly select a clip in the Timeline is very important. You select a clip during the editing process when you want to move it, delete it, add an effect to it, view its properties, or make other changes to it. To select a clip in the Timeline, you follow the general Apple selection principles. Clicking a clip just once selects it. Clicking off the clip deselects it. The key is learning to click the correct portion of the clip for the desired function.

In the Timeline, click the Moving Clips sequence tab, and select the canoe coming clip by clicking once in the middle of the clip.

The clip turns brown to indicate that it is the selected or highlighted clip.

To deselect this clip, click in the blank Timeline area above the clip.

Select the canoe coming clip again, and then select the VO_01 clip.

When you select a different clip, any other selected clip becomes deselected.

Move the mouse pointer to the tail of the canoe coming clip. Note that the pointer changes to a vertical resize arrow. Click once to select the Out point of this clip.

In the VO_01 clip, move the pointer to the In point. When you see the resize arrow, click once to select the In point.

Selecting the In or Out edit point of a clip will be useful when you begin trimming and adjusting clips in later lessons.

On the A1 track, click in the middle of the rowing sound clip.

When you click one track of a stereo audio clip, both tracks become highlighted together.


Although a pointer is present in many applications, in Final Cut Pro it is the default Selection tool.

To delete this clip, press the Delete key.

Deleting a clip removes it from the sequence but does not delete the media file or the original master clip in the Browser.

Press Cmd-Z to undo the delete.

To deselect the clip using the keyboard shortcut, press Shift-Cmd-A.



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