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Lesson 16. Finishing and Outputting > Recompressing Project Media

Recompressing Project Media

If you're an editor who wants to take your work home or work off-site, you may choose to recompress the media files you've been using in the editing bay and create lower-resolution media files you can put on your laptop to edit on the go.

In the Browser, select the Intro sequence and choose File > Media Manager.

In the Media Manager window, click the Media pop-up, and choose Recompress from the menu. Deselect Delete Unused Media From Duplicated Items.

Click the Recompress Media Using pop-up and choose OfflineRT NTSC (Photo JPEG).

With a lower-resolution format selected, the Modified bar in the Summary section of the Media Manager window shows a reduced amount of total media.

In the Media Destination section, navigate to the Exports folder, then click OK.

In the Save window that appears, name the project Intro-Offline. Before you click Save, note that doing so will add media to your hard drive. If you do not want to do this, click Cancel.

After the media has been processed, a new project tab will appear in the Browser with the new recompressed media files. The clips will appear at a lower offline resolution and not as clear as the original clips.


Each option in the Media Manager tool has an effect on how the media will be copied or processed. To understand more about the details of this tool, refer to the Final Cut Pro user's manual.



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