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Copying a Project

If you have to copy your project from one computer to another, you can use the Media Manager Copy function to search for and gather all of the media files associated with that project. No matter where they are located, or whether they are graphic files, audio files, or media files, the Media Manager will find them and copy them to the specified destination.

To make a copy of your entire project, click in the Browser and press Cmd-A to select all items.


For this exercise, you can select the items in the Browser for the Lesson 16 Project and move through the exercise steps. At the end of the exercise, you can choose not to copy the material.

Choose File > Media Manager.

The Media Manager window opens and displays five sections. The Summary section describes what will happen based on the current settings; the green bars provide a visual indication of the media involved with the settings; and the Media options indicate how the media is processed. The Project and Media Destination sections enable you to create a new project for the media changes and choose a destination for the media files.

Click the Media pop-up menu.

There are five media processing options—Copy, Move, Recompress, Use Existing, and Create Offline—which tell the Media Manager how to process your media files.

Leave the Media pop-up menu on the default, Copy.


An important difference between the Copy and Move options is that when you move a project, the original project files will be deleted after you complete the move.

If you want to copy the render files as well, check the Include Render Files option. Deselect the Delete Unused Media From Duplicated Items option, and keep the Base Media File Names On option on the default, Existing File Names.


If you don't want to copy the portions of the media files you aren't using in the project, click the Delete Unused Media From Duplicated Sequences option. You can then give each clip a specific duration of handles if you choose.

Check the Duplicate Selected Items And Place Into A New Project option.

In the Media Destination area, click the Browse button, and navigate to the external drive where you want the copied media files to be placed. Create a folder for the new files.

When the Save window appears, enter a name for the new project and destination. For this exercise, click Cancel.



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