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Lesson 9. Capturing Footage > Logging Clip Information

Logging Clip Information

Certain logging information is required, such as reel number and clip name, or Final Cut Pro will not capture the clip. For reel numbers, you can use a simple numbering system or enter a reel name. The clip name is derived from any or all of the entry fields: Description, Scene, Shot/Take, and Angle. You can also add additional logging information any time after you have already captured the clip, as you learned in the preceding lesson. When you work with many clips on a complex project, you will appreciate the extra time you spent logging.

Enter an appropriate reel number or name for your source tape, or if you have just one tape, you can leave the default 001 reel number.


Ideally, you should use the same reel name or number that you used when labeling your tapes. That way you will always know from what source tape your clips were captured.

Try to click in the Name field.

The Name field is not for entering information, just displaying it. The name is actually compiled from any combination of the four descriptive fields below it that have an active checkmark.

Enter a description of the clip in the Description field, such as dog runs to cam. Use a name that will help you distinguish between that clip and another while you are editing.

Make sure the Description check box next to the slate button is checked, and press Tab or Return.

When checked, the information in the Description field automatically becomes part of the name.

If you're working with a script, enter the Scene information (such as 98), and press Tab or Return.


To use the scene and take numbers as the sole name, check those boxes, and deselect the Description and Angle check boxes.

Enter 1 as a Shot/Take number and 3 as the Angle.

Click on and off the check boxes next to each line to see how the name changes in the Name area.

Any one, or all four, of the descriptive entries can be included in the full clip name.


Long clip names may be difficult to read when displayed on the clip in the Timeline. You might find it more useful to enter the information but not check the boxes to include it in the name. The information will still be attached to the clip, and you will have access to it in the Browser columns and through the Find function.

Next to the Angle entry, click the slate button.

Every time you click one of the slates, the next consecutive number is added to the descriptive entry. This is true even if no number was originally entered. To change to another number, click the number to highlight it, and type the new number.

Click the Prompt check box on and off. Leave the box selected.

With the Prompt box selected, Final Cut Pro will display the information you've entered before logging the clip so you can check it, change it, or add to it before you complete the logging process.

Enter a log note about the clip, such as pretty sunset, and click the Good check box.

After you capture this clip, the log note will appear in the Log Note Browser column, and a checkmark will appear in the Good column



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