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Lesson 16. Finishing and Outputting > Exploring QuickTime Movie Export Options

Exploring QuickTime Movie Export Options

During editing, you may want to export a low-resolution sample of your sequence to send to your producer for approval, or you may need to send your sequence to another system that accepts only certain formats. In these situations, it is important to find out what format is required, and then use the following steps to export your sequence in that format.

In the Timeline, press Option-X to remove the In and Out points in the Racing Promo sequence. In the Browser, select this sequence.

When you want to export a sequence in its entirety, you can simply select it in the Browser. However, if there are In or Out points in the sequence, only that portion of the sequence will be exported.

Choose File > Export > Using QuickTime Conversion.

Leave the default name as is, Racing Promo.mov. Navigate to the Exports folder, leave the default format on QuickTime Movie, and click the Options button.

In the Movie Settings window, click the Video Settings button. When the Standard Video Compression Settings window appears, click the Compression Type pop-up menu.

A long list appears of the available codecs on your computer. Different codecs are good for different types of situations. Ask the person for whom you are creating the QuickTime movie which codec to use, or experiment with different codecs to find the one that's best for you.


Once you choose a codec, you will also need to adjust the settings for that codec. Again, experiment to find the optimal settings for your situation.

Click Cancel to close the various windows.



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