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Lesson 14. Multicam Editing > Cutting Multiclip Angles Live

Cutting Multiclip Angles Live

Finally, you can put on your director's hat and let the footage roll as you cut to different angles in real time. This is often called cutting on the fly. To do this, you have to be somewhat of a multitasker. You watch the individual images in the Viewer and position your fingers over the number pad of your keyboard. When you see an angle in the Viewer you want to cut to, you Cmd-click that angle number. Remember, you can always go back to any edit in the multiclip and switch to a different angle. You can also adjust edit points with the Roll tool.

In the Browser, create a new sequence in the Sequences bin, and name it Cutting Live. Open this sequence in the Timeline.

In the Browser, double-click the Audio Pops multiclip to reopen it in the Viewer. If necessary, reset the In and Out points where all the angles are in view. Click the Gilly_cu guitar clip to begin with that angle.

When you reopen the multiclip from the Browser, the Viewer scrubber bar does not contain the sprocket holes as it does when you are viewing the multiclip from the Timeline.

Edit this multiclip to the head of the sequence. Remember to hold down Option if you use the drag-and-drop approach.

Double-check that the Viewer Playhead Sync is set to Open.

At this point, you are ready to play the sequence and begin cutting live. But before you start, take a moment to think through your plan of action. (Even directors rehearse themselves by taking a closer look at their camera angles before the event begins.) What camera angle do you want to cut to after the guitar close up? Do you want to cut to the wide shot in the middle of the guitar introduction? It may be helpful to play the music track a Synchronizing Camera Angles by Timecode few times as you watch the angles in the Viewer, and begin to formulate ideas.

When you do cut to a new angle in the following step, you will see blue markers appear in the Timeline ruler area at your cut points. When you stop playing the sequence, these markers become edit points in the multiclip.


Before you begin cutting, you can rehearse by playing through the sequence and switching angles. Switching also places blue markers in the Timeline ruler area, but does not cut the multiclip.

When you're ready, play the sequence and get ready to press Command and the angle number you want to cut to next, or click that image in the Viewer.

When you stop playing the sequence, edit points appear at the blue marker locations.



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