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Lesson 14. Multicam Editing > Cutting Between Angles in a Multiclip

Cutting Between Angles in a Multiclip

In the previous exercises, you clicked a camera angle in the Viewer to switch to it and make it the active angle. In this exercise, you will cut between angles to create edit points in the multiclip. In order to understand and observe everything that is happening when you cut to a different multiclip angle, in this exercise you will move the playhead to a specific location where you want to make an edit and then cut to an angle. In the next exercise, you will cut from angle to angle in real time.

To coordinate the steps in this exercise with the angle layout in your own Viewer, move the playhead in the Timeline to the head of the sequence and position the clips as they appear in the following image.

To start the sequence with the close-up guitar shot, use any method you like to switch to the Gilly_cu guitar angle. As the active angle, this image will appear in the Canvas when you select it, as well as in the Timeline thumbnail image on the V1 track.

Play the sequence, and stop when the band comes in. Position the playhead where you want to cut to the next angle, perhaps close to 1:00:06:06.

To cut to angle 1 at this location, move your pointer into the Viewer and click the angle 1 image in the upper-left corner.

In the Timeline, an edit point is created on the multiclip at the playhead location. Now you see a different thumbnail image for each portion of the multiclip.


You can cut to angles using similar methods as when you switched to angles.

Play the new edit. Then move the playhead about 4 seconds past this edit point, where you will cut to the next angle.


Throughout these steps, general times will be used as a simple reference for creating new edit points. You can choose more specific cut points if you like.

To cut to the Dean_bass angle 3 clip at this location, move your pointer over the Cut Video To Angle 3 button (the third cyan-colored button in the Timeline button bar). Click this button, then play the new edit.

The eight cyan buttons cut to video angles 1 through 4 or audio angles 1 through 4.


The icon for this function is a razor blade over a video camera. Applying this button at the playhead location creates a new edit point in the multiclip, just as the Razor Blade tool does to single clips.

Move the playhead forward another 4 seconds from the edit point you just created to the next cut point. This time, if you have an extended keyboard, press Cmd-4, using the number pad, to cut to the angle 4 clip, Nick_drums. If you don't, just click this clip in the Viewer.

Move the playhead 4 seconds forward from the previous edit point, and press Cmd-1 on the number pad to cut to the angle 1 clip, wide right, or click this clip in the Viewer.

Move the playhead over the second clip in the multiclip. Change this angle to a different angle using any of the switching methods.

Once an edit has been made in the multiclip, you can change the active angle at that location by moving the playhead to the clip and switching to a different angle.



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