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Lesson 4. Marking in the Timeline > Marking a Narration Track

Marking a Narration Track

Often when you edit to narration, the script or narration takes priority. So instead of opening a source clip in the Viewer and setting edit points on the video clip, you first need to know what the narrator is saying in order to pick the appropriate video clip and content. In this exercise, you will mark the narration track in the Timeline to determine the duration and location for each new video clip. Then you will open a source clip in the Viewer and mark it to determine the content, or what part of it you will use in the edit.

In the Timeline, close all open sequences. From the Browser, open the Intro – Finished and Intro – Starting sequences.

To preserve a copy of the Intro – Starting sequence to work with later, duplicate it in the Browser, and name the copy Intro – Starting backup.

In the Timeline, click between the two sequence tabs to compare the sequences, then play the Intro – Finished sequence.

You worked with a version of the Intro – Finished sequence in Lesson 1. This version has one stereo narration clip on A2 and A3. It has a music sound effect on A4 and a stereo music track on A5 and A6. The Intro – Starting sequence has only audio clips. You will add the video clips to this sequence, and later in this lesson, you will add sound effects to the A1 track.

Click the Intro – Starting sequence tab to make it the active sequence.

Move the playhead to the beginning of the sequence, and press I to set an In point. Play the sequence, and stop a beat after the narrator says, “…wake up and shine.” Press the O key to set an Out point at this location.


An In mark at the head of the sequence may be difficult to see. When you move the playhead away from the In point, it's easier to see the edge of the mark. You can also see the edit points in the Canvas.

The duration from the In point to the Out point is displayed in the Canvas Timecode Duration field. This is the duration you will need for the first video clip.

In the Browser, display the contents of the Intro Clips bin, and open the sunrise clip. Scrub through this clip.

Since you have already defined the duration and location for this clip in the Timeline, you only need an In point to determine where you will begin using the source content.

Set an In point in the sunrise clip somewhere between the beginning of the clip and where the sun is halfway over the mountain's edge.

In the Timeline, make sure the v1 source control is patched to the V1 destination control.


In this situation, you don't need to position the playhead because Timeline marks take priority over the playhead location.

Edit this clip as an Overwrite edit, using any of the methods you've used before.

In the Timeline, the clip is edited to the V1 track. The edit points have been removed, and the playhead is aligned to the first frame after this clip, where you will edit the next video clip.

While the playhead is in its current position, set an In point in preparation for the next clip. Play from the beginning of the sequence, and set an Out point after the narrator says, “Breathe it all in.”


You can also set In and Out points on the fly as the sequence is playing, just as you did in the Viewer.

In the Browser, open the healer walking clip, and set an In point when the healer begins to walk. Edit this clip as an Overwrite edit, and play the new clip in the sequence.

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