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Lesson 5. Trimming Edit Points > Dragging Edit Points on V2

Dragging Edit Points on V2

Dragging an edit point is an easy approach to trimming a clip except for the fact that you can't lengthen a clip when it sits next to another clip. But there is a way around this problem. It involves placing a clip onto the V2 track where, with no neighbors, you have the freedom to trim it in either direction.

To find the next clip to trim in the Dragging sequence, move the playhead to the head of the sequence. Press Shift-M to move the playhead to the green marker in the ruler area of the Timeline.

When the playhead is on a sequence marker, the name of the marker appears in the Canvas image area. You will learn to create markers in a later lesson.

Press Option-+ to zoom into this area so you can see the clips on either side of this cutaway more clearly. Play these clips.

This is a cutaway of Amanda that was edited to help break up the long clip of the man singing. To make this clip shorter, you can use the dragging approach and drag inward on the clip. But to make it longer, you have to place it on the V2 track to drag its edit points outward.

Drag the 98A-amanda cutaway clip up onto the V2 track. Make sure you have not moved the clip left or right, but straight up. Deselect the clip after you release it.


To ensure you don't move the clip any frames left or right, you can hold down Shift as you move a clip to another track. This locks the movement to just a vertical move.

Drag the In point to the left about 1 second to lengthen this cutaway. Play these clips in the sequence.

When video clips are stacked on top of each other, the clip on the highest track takes precedence and will be seen. In this situation, the 98B-man clip will be seen from the beginning of the clip to the point where the cutaway appears on the V2 track. At that point, the only video you see will be the video clip on the V2 track until it stops. When the V2 clip ends, whatever video is beneath it on the V1 track will be seen.

Drag the Out point of the 98A-amanda cutaway clip on the V2 track to lengthen it slightly.

When a clip stands alone on a separate track, both the head and tail of the clip can be trimmed to make the clip longer or shorter without being restricted by the other sequence clips.

Click the center of the 98A-amanda cutaway clip, and drag the entire clip left until its Out point snaps to the In point of the following 98B-man clip. Play this area of the sequence again.

With the cutaway on a separate track, you can move the clip to reposition it, trim it by dragging its edit points, or even turn off the track visibility to see what the sequence looks like without it. Make sure that when you reposition the V2 clip, it covers the V1 gap in its entirety. Any uncovered areas of the gap will play as black frames.

Press Cmd-S to save your work.



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