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Lesson 5. Trimming Edit Points > Dragging Edit Points Between Clips

Dragging Edit Points Between Clips

When two clips are side by side, Final Cut Pro won't allow you to drag the edit point of one clip into its neighboring clip. You can drag away from the neighboring clip but not into it. Trimming or shortening a clip by dragging it away from a neighboring clip will leave a gap in the sequence. If you leave the gap, the sequence length will be the same as it was before you trimmed the clip. If you delete the gap, the sequence length is changed. You delete gaps just as you did in the previous lesson.

Play through the edit point between the last two clips in the sequence.

Amanda starts to leave in the 98A-amanda clip. In the 98C-wide clip, you need to pick her up later, and match the action as she's starting to leave.


When working with dramatic scenes, you match the visual action first, and then finesse the audio as needed. In this situation, you will hear Amanda repeat her farewell greeting in the final clip. You can trim this away in a later exercise.

In the 98C-wide clip, position the playhead after Amanda has finished speaking and has started to walk away. This will be the new In point.

Click and drag the In point of the 98C-wide clip to snap to the playhead. Release the mouse.


If snapping is off, toggle it on by pressing N. You can toggle snapping off and on even as you drag the mouse.

As you drag, a brown outline appears around the clip, indicating the new clip length. The new clip duration appears in the information box. When you release the mouse, a gap appears in the sequence the length of the trim.

To remove the gap between the clips, click in the gap area, and press Delete.

When you delete the gap, the following clip is pulled up. As mentioned in Lesson 4, this is called ripple deleting because deleting the gap ripples the location of the following clip or clips earlier in the Timeline.

Play the last 98A-amanda clip in the sequence from the head of the clip. Position the playhead after the man stops singing off-camera and just before Amanda nods her head.

Drag the In point of this clip to snap to the playhead location. Click the gap to select it, and press Delete to delete the gap.

Try dragging the Out point of this 98A-amanda clip to the right to make it longer.

Nothing happens because you cannot drag a clip into a neighboring clip to make it longer without a special trim tool you will use later in this lesson.

Press Cmd-S to save your changes.



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