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Lesson 5. Trimming Edit Points > Dragging Edit Points

Dragging Edit Points

In this exercise, you will work with the Dragging sequence you duplicated earlier. You will drag an edit point to trim a clip. To shorten a clip, you will trim inward toward the center of the clip. To lengthen a clip by dragging, you drag away from the center of the clip.

In the Timeline, play the Dragging sequence to review how the clips are currently cut together.

These clips were loosely edited to create what is called a rough cut sequence.


If you want to review how this sequence was originally edited in Lesson 2, you can open and view the Amanda – Finished sequence from the Browser.

In the Timeline, play the last clip in the sequence, 98C-wide.

When this clip was edited, the narration had not yet been included. Now that the narration clip is present, you can see that this clip is too short. It needs to be lengthened to cover the narration.

Click the Out point of this clip once to select just the edit point.

The Out point becomes selected on all tracks because the video and audio portions of this clip are linked together. The line under the clip name indicates this link.


Just the edge of the clip is selected, not the body of the clip. If the entire clip were selected, you would end up moving the clip, not trimming it.

Hold the pointer over the edit point until it becomes the resize arrow, then click the edit point and drag right as far as you can, but don't release the mouse. As you drag, look at the trim amount and the new clip duration as they are being updated in the information box.

As you drag, all linked tracks are dragged together.


When you are trimming, adjust the zoom control in the Timeline so the clips you are working with appear a little larger.

In the Canvas image area, the end-of-clip filmstrip overlay appears on the right side of the image, indicating you have reached the last available frame of the clip's media. You cannot trim the clip any further in that direction.

Release the mouse, and play the clip to see the new edit point.

In this situation, trimming the Out point as far as possible does not make the best-looking edit because people start to move in front of the man.

Play this clip again, and stop the playhead just as the man finishes singing his song, which is just before the camera moves near the end of the clip.

Drag the Out point to snap to the playhead location.



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