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Lesson 8. Browser Basics and Project Cus... > Rearranging Windows in the Interface

Rearranging Windows in the Interface

Final Cut Pro has made it easy to reposition the interface windows to any configuration you like. Maybe you like working with the Browser on the right side of the screen and not in its default position on the left. And what about the size of a window? If you have a lot of tracks in your Timeline, you might want to make the Timeline taller so more tracks are visible. And you can always work with a preset window layout.

Choose Window > Arrange > Color Correction.

This preset layout rearranges the windows to allow for a set of video scopes to appear in the Tool Bench window. This is a good layout to use when color correcting clips or any time you want to monitor the luminance and chroma values of your video.

Choose Window > Arrange > Audio Mixing.

The Audio Mixer appears, which you can use when you're mixing audio tracks.

Choose Window > Arrange > Standard, or press Ctrl-U, to return to the default layout.

Rearrange the top three windows, placing the Viewer on the far left, the Canvas in the middle, and the Browser on the far right. Remember to drag each window from the title bar at the top.

As you drag a window into place, it seems to snap to that location.

Move the cursor over the Canvas and Browser boundary line. When you see the resize arrow, drag to the right.

This dynamically shrinks the Browser, and the Canvas grows to fill the space.

Move the pointer between the Timeline and Canvas or any upper window. When you see the resize arrow, drag up. Move the pointer to the corner where the Viewer, Canvas, and Timeline boundaries converge. Drag diagonally.

Depending on where you position the pointer over one of the interface boundary lines, you can drag left or right, up or down, or diagonally.

To add a tool to your layout, choose Tools > Video Scopes. Position the video scopes over the Viewer on the left. In the next exercise, you will save this layout.



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