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Lesson 8. Browser Basics and Project Cus... > Changing the Keyboard Layout

Changing the Keyboard Layout

Using keyboard shortcuts allows you to access any Final Cut Pro function by pressing a combination of keystrokes. Sometimes these keystrokes require one or more modifier keys.

To open the keyboard layout map, choose Tools > Keyboard Layout > Customize.

The tabs across the top of the window organize the keyboard shortcuts according to modifier keys—cmd, shift, opt, ctrl, or a combination of these.

In the lower left of this window, click the lock to allow changes to the current keyboard layout.

In the command list area to the right of the keyboard layout map, drag the blue vertical scroll bar up and down to see the list of command sets.

The first nine sets contain all the commands in the Final Cut Pro menus. The topics that follow are organized by editing function.

At the top of the list, click the File Menu disclosure triangle to display the commands under that menu.

If a command currently has a keyboard shortcut, it is listed to the right of the command. There are a few functions that do not currently have keyboard shortcuts, such as Close Project and Import Folder. Let's create a shortcut for Import Folder.

Click the shift-cmd modifier tab in the keyboard layout map.

Since Cmd-I is the shortcut for Import File, mapping the Import Folder function to the Shift-Cmd-I key will be easy to remember.

Drag the Import Folder name or icon from the command list onto the I key.

The new keyboard shortcut appears on the keyboard layout as well as to the right of the Import Folder command in the command list area.

On the Keyboard Layout window, click the Close button to close the window.



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