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Adding Column Information

As you can see, Browser columns can contain a lot of information that could be helpful when you want to find a clip or group of clips using specific criteria. Yet some of the columns in Lesson 8 Project appear blank. When these clips were captured from tape, this clip information was not entered. However, most clip information can be entered any time after capturing. For larger projects, being able to search for clips that have been checked “Good,” or more specifically given a log note such as “great sunset” or “very smooth pan,” can make a big difference in how quickly you find a certain clip. Let's add some information about the clips in this project.

Find the VO_12 clip in the Amanda Clips bin under the Name column, move the pointer toward the right to the Good column, and click. A checkmark appears, identifying this narration clip as “good.”

When you move the pointer over a clip or line of information, a dark, faint highlight appears across the entire Browser window. This acts as a guide to ensure you are making changes to the correct clip.

Click in the Good column for these clips: 97A-out of bldg, 97F-man cu, and 98C-wide.

Now click the Good column heading to sort and display the clips checked Good. Click again to reverse the sort order so the clips appear at the top of the column.

The clips that have a check in the Good column appear together.

Click the Name column to sort by name once again. Select the healer at ruins clip, and click in the Log Note column on the clip's highlighted line.

A text box appears with a flashing cursor.

In the Log Note text box, type Peru, and press Return.


Each vignette of this film was shot at a different location. The material with the healer was shot in Peru.

Select the girl on plane clip, and enter Alaska in the Log Note text box.

Move to the row where the healer cu clip sits. This time, Ctrl-click in the Log Note area and choose Peru from the shortcut menu of previously entered options. Add Peru as a log note for the healer walking clip as well. In this option, you don't have to preselect the clip before bringing up the Log Note options.

Once a note has been added, it can easily be deleted.

Double-click the girl on plane log note, and press Delete.

Log notes are one way to further identify a clip. Another way is to use the Final Cut Pro set of labels, which color the clip in the Browser and Timeline. There are two ways you can choose a label, in the Label column or by Ctrl-clicking the clip icon in the Name column.

Find the Label column, and Ctrl-click the word None for any one of the clips in the Amanda Clips bin. Now Ctrl-click the 97A-out of bldg clip under the Name column. Choose Label > Best Take from the shortcut menu.

In the latter option, you can see the colors assigned to each label category. When you choose Best Take, the selected clip icon becomes red.


You can also select a group of clips and choose a label for the entire group.

Open the Amanda sequence.

In the Timeline, the 97A-out of bldg clip name is red to indicate it is labeled “Best Take.”

Labeling clips in this way can be helpful when you want to organize your material by type or be able to quickly identify it in the Timeline.



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