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Lesson 8. Browser Basics and Project Cus... > Viewing and Sorting Browser Columns

Viewing and Sorting Browser Columns

In the Browser, clips are sorted alphabetically according to their names because the Name column is the default sort mode. If you need to identify clips based on specific criteria—for example, according to their scene numbers—clicking once on that column heading will reorder the clips accordingly.

Reveal the contents of all the bins in the Browser, but don't change the size of the Browser window yet.

To enlarge the window to show the contents of the open bins, click the Browser Zoom button.

When you click this button, the Browser expands to display all contents, or as many items as possible, in the window. In the Name column, all clips and sequences are arranged alphabetically by name within a bin, and all bins are arranged alphabetically as well.


Another way to open and close bins and navigate through items in the Browser is to use the up, down, left, and right arrows. When a bin is highlighted, the up and down arrows move the highlight from one bin to the next. The right arrow will reveal contents of the highlighted bin. Clicking the right arrow again will step into those contents, and clicking the left arrow will step back up and out.

At the bottom of the Browser window, drag the blue horizontal scroll bar to the right to see the other column headings. Then drag the scroll bar left, back to the Name column.

When the Name column heading is selected, the title bar is lighter than the others. This indicates that it is the primary sort column. There is a downward arrow indicating that sorting is from low to high, or from A to Z.

Click the Name column heading to reverse the current sort order so the elements go from high to low, or from Z to A.

The arrow in the Name heading now points upward, and all the elements in the window reverse order, including the bins themselves.

Click the Duration column heading to sort the clips by duration. Click it again to reverse the sort order.

The default sort order is always from low to high, or in this case, low durations to high durations.

Drag the blue scroll bar to the right until you see the Reel column. Click this column head to sort the clips by reel number.

Drag the scroll bar to the left, and click the Name column heading.



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