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Lesson 9. Capturing Footage > Preparing the Project

Preparing the Project

To begin, you will launch Final Cut Pro and create a new project to use for capturing. You will also change the Easy Setup to your personal source tape format.

In the Dock, click the Final Cut Pro icon to launch Final Cut Pro.

When you launch Final Cut Pro, any project that was active when you last quit the program will also open.

Choose Final Cut Pro > Easy Setup, and choose the appropriate option from the Setup For pop-up menu. This option should follow the specifications of your own source material.

Close all open projects.

Remember that the Canvas and Timeline windows close when there are no open sequences to display.

Choose File > New Project to create a new project.

An Untitled Project tab appears in the Browser window along with a default sequence, Sequence 1. This sequence contains the settings of the Easy Setup you just selected.

To rename and save this project, choose File > Save Project As, and type Lesson 9 Project as the new name. Navigate to the Lessons folder on your hard drive, and click Save to save the project there.

Notice that the .fcp suffix for this project is automatically added for you in the Save As field, and just the name portion is highlighted. You simply have to type the new project name. If you don't want the .fcp extension to be part of the name, check the Hide Extension box in the lower-left corner of this window.



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