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Changing Sequence Settings

The Timeline options you selected in the User Preferences window will determine how new sequences are displayed in the Timeline. However, if you want to change any of these settings or preferences for a sequence that already exists, you have to open the Sequence Settings window.

Click in the Timeline to make it active, and choose Sequence > Settings, or press Cmd-0.


You can also Ctrl-click a sequence in the Browser and choose Settings from the shortcut menu.

This window has five tabs. The last three tabs also appear in the User Preferences window, where the settings apply to any newly created sequence. Here they apply to an existing, selected sequence.

Notice the settings in the General tab. These correspond to the Easy Setup parameters for frame size, aspect ratio, audio sample rate, and so on. These sequence settings should match your clip settings.


You cannot change the editing timebase (frames per second) of a sequence after clips have been edited into it.

Click the Video Processing tab.

You can change how Final Cut Pro processes the video in this particular sequence. If the material is DV, you will want the default settings of Render In 8-bit YUV and Process Maximum White As White.

Click the Timeline Options tab. Change the Track Size and Thumbnail Display.

Here you can change the starting timecode for a sequence, choose to see thumbnails on the video tracks, and make other display choices. These changes affect the selected or active sequence only. They will not affect any new sequences you create. Those settings are controlled in the Timeline Options tab of the User Preferences window.



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