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Lesson 10. Applying Transitions > Viewing Transition Options

Viewing Transition Options

In Final Cut Pro, you can choose a transition effect from one of two places: the Effects menu or the Effects tab in the Browser. Each contains the same set of transition effects organized in separate Video and Audio Transition bins.

In the Browser, select the Effects tab. If this tab is in icon view, Ctrl-click in the gray area and choose View As List from the shortcut menu.

The Effects tab has six bins. Three bins contain video effects, two contain audio effects, and one can be used to store your favorite effects. In this lesson, you will use just the Video Transitions and Audio Transitions bins.

Display the contents of the Audio Transitions bin.

This folder contains two audio cross fades: 0dB and +3dB. The +3dB cross fade is underlined, meaning it is the default transition.

Click the triangle next to the Audio Transitions bin to hide its contents. Then display the contents of the Video Transitions bin.

There are nine bins of video transitions, each with its own set of transition styles and parameters.

Click the triangle next to the Dissolve bin to display its contents.

Different dissolve transitions appear here, including the underlined Cross Dissolve, which is the default video transition. The 00:00:01;00 listed under the Length column indicates that the Cross Dissolve has a default duration of 1 second. All audio and video transitions have a default 1-second duration. Notice too that most of the Dissolve transitions are in boldface type, which means they can be played in real time (RT), or normal play speed, after you apply them.

Choose the Effects menu.

Five of the Effects bin titles appear here, including Favorites, Video Transitions and Filters, and Audio Transitions and Filters.

From the Effects menu, choose Video Transitions > Dissolve.

The same dissolve options appear here, although currently dimmed, that appear on the Effects tab in the Browser.



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