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Lesson 13. Applying Filters > Adding Keyframes to Animate Filters

Adding Keyframes to Animate Filters

If you want to change a filter's parameter over time, you can add keyframes as you did with motion parameters, and you do it in exactly the same way. In this exercise, you will apply the Curl filter to a clip and animate it to cause the corner of the image to rise.

In the Key Filter sequence, move the playhead to the curl marker. Double-click the biker down clip, and, if necessary, click the Filters tab. Choose Effects > Video Filters > Perspective > Curl.

In the Canvas, the image's lower-right corner is curled upward. This is the default Curl setting.

In the Viewer, with the playhead at the curl marker, drag the Amount slider to 0.

Without a curl amount, no curl appears in the image. This will be your starting position, or where you place your first keyframe.


When adding keyframes in the Viewer, expand the window, as you did when setting motion keyframes, to see more of the keyframe graph.

Click the Keyframe button for the Amount parameter.

Press Shift-right arrow two times to move the playhead forward 2 seconds. Drag the Amount slider to 32, or enter that amount. Play the clip.

Since you have a starting keyframe, changing the amount at a different location automatically adds a new keyframe. Now the corner curl is animated over time.


You may want to disable the Diffuse and Color Corrector 3-way filters in this clip as you make changes to the Curl filter.

In this effect, the front of the image shows through to the back as the corner peels, which is a little distracting. But you can place a different image on the back of this clip.

From the Browser, drag the Logo FLAT.jpg image into the Filters tab of the Viewer, and drop it onto the Back graphic box, or well. Play the biker down clip.

Now as the corner curls, you see the original blue background of the Logo FLAT.jpg image appear in the lower-right corner. If you continued the curl through the entire image, you would see the full graphic.

In a later lesson, you will add a graphic in the lower-right corner.



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