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Lesson 13. Applying Filters > Preparing the Project

Preparing the Project

To launch Final Cut Pro, double-click the Lesson 13 Project file from the Lessons folder on your hard drive.

Close any other open projects.

In the Timeline, click the With Filters sequence tab, and play the sequence.


In order to see as many filter effects play in real time as possible, click the RT pop-up menu in the Timeline and make sure Unlimited RT and Dynamic are selected. You can also select a clip and render it to see it play in real time.

Each clip has had a filter applied to it that changes it in some way.

Play the Without Filters sequence.

You don't see the effects that added some fun and style to the images, but there are still corrective filters applied to some of these clips that improved their image color.

To remove the filters in these clips, select all the video clips in the sequence, and Ctrl-click any one of them. In the shortcut menu, choose Remove Attributes. Make sure Filters is checked, and click OK. Play this sequence.

All the filters are removed from the selected clips, and now you see what the clips actually looked like after capturing them. In this lesson, you will first learn the mechanics of applying filters to add style to the sequence. And then you will apply filters to correct the color of the bluish images.

Before you begin making changes, create a backup of the Without Filters sequence in the Browser.



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