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Adding a Drop Shadow

Most of the text that appears on television programs has some type of drop shadow applied to it. Drop shadows are often used to make the text stand out from the background image, but you can also use them to create a style. As one of the Motion attributes in Final Cut Pro, drop shadow can also be applied to any video clip. In this exercise, you will add a drop shadow to the Text clip above DS intro.

In the Adding Text – Starting sequence, move the playhead over the DS intro clip, and double-click the Lower 3rd clip above it to open it in the Viewer. Click the Motion tab.

To add a drop shadow, click the Drop Shadow check box to make it active.

The default drop shadow appears around the text in the Canvas.

Click the Drop Shadow disclosure triangle to display the parameters, enter the following information, and press Tab. Then play the clip.

  • Offset: 2

  • Angle: 135

  • Color: Use the Select Color tool to sample the red on Danny's shoulder.

  • Softness: 10

  • Opacity: 72


Depending on your computer, you may not see this effect play in real time. You can press Option-P to preview it, or render the clip.

As with any parameter, you can copy and paste the drop shadow to other clips.

Ctrl-click the Lower 3rd clip above DS intro and choose Copy from the shortcut menu. Then Ctrl-click the Outline Text clip above PA team owner and choose Paste Attributes from the shortcut menu.

Under the Video Attributes column in this window, Drop Shadow is listed among the other Motion attributes.

In the Paste Attributes window, click Drop Shadow, and click OK.

The attributes from the clip above DS intro are now applied to this clip. Remember the blue outline in this text was created in the Outline Text itself.



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