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Chapter 3. Working With Timelines > Creating Slideshows

Creating Slideshows

Although a timeline can only accommodate one track of moving video, you can edit together multiple still images on a video track. In terms of selecting and importing them, still images behave the same as any other asset, but once on the timeline, things change. Here are the basic facts about working with stills on a timeline:

  • The duration of the still images is determined by the Timeline Preferences settings. You can set any length you wish as a default, and/or set a duration for each still image clip as you drag it to a timeline.

  • When adding stills to a timeline from the Project window, Encore DVD does not permit gaps. The stills will all snap together.

  • When removing stills from a timeline, Encore DVD does permit gaps. If you remove a still image, a “hole” is left behind, and the surrounding stills remain in place.

  • You can move stills on the timeline and trim them to adjust their length.

  • You can select multiple stills and/or audio tracks and move them on the timeline together.

  • Each still is assigned a chapter point at its first frame as it is added to the timeline. As you move the stills around, the chapter point moves as well. If you change positions of stills on the timeline, Encore DVD automatically renumbers the chapter points to keep them in ascending order. If you've named the chapter point, the name remains unchanged.



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