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Chapter 17. Titles and Generators > To edit a generator in a sequence

To edit a generator in a sequence

Double-click the generator clip in the Timeline to open it in the Viewer.

Click the Controls tab; then make your adjustments.

Always Be Title Safe!

Every TV set is different: different colors, different screen geometries, different projection skews—never the same color, never the same combinations. Since even the middle area of the screen is not reliably centered (especially on home sets!), it's important to keep your text and graphic elements within a screen area that television engineers call title safe.

With the Title Safe overlay on, two boxes are superimposed on your clip—the inside border outlines the Title Safe boundary. Keep your graphic elements inside this box, and the edges won't get cropped off, even on consumer TVs. The slightly larger box surrounding the Title Safe boundary is known as the Action Safe boundary. Any visual elements critical to your project should occur within the Action Safe region. You should check Title Safe boundaries on all graphic elements before you invest too much time on a layout. For more information, see “Viewing Title Safe and Action Safe boundaries” in Chapter 8.

Title Safe and Action Safe areas apply only to program material displayed on a TV (both NTSC and PAL). If you plan to show your FCP project on the Web or via some other computer-based format, remember that Web-based video displays the entire frame, so check the edges for unexpected surprises—microphones, shadows, dolly grips, and so on. The same caveats apply if you're compositing a Picture in Picture (PiP) effect—every pixel in your frame is included.



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