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Appendix B. Keyboard Shortcuts

Appendix B. Keyboard Shortcuts

General controls 729

General controls
Open file O
Open selected item
Open Item in separate window
Open Item in Editor
Close window W
Quit Q
Save S
Save all S
Undo Z
Redo Z
Audio scrub on or off S
Snapping on or offN
Toggle Loop Playback L
Close Tab W
Open text generator X

Opening application windows 730

Opening application windows
Viewer 1
Canvas 2
Timeline 3
Browser 4
Audio Meters 4
Effects 5
Favorites bin 6
Trim Edit 7
Log and Capture 8
Item Properties 9
Sequence Settings 0 (zero)
User Preferences Q

Selecting, cutting, copying, and pasting 730

Selecting, cutting, copying, and pasting
Copy C
Cut X
Duplicate D
Select In to Out A
Paste V
Paste attributes V
Paste Insert V
Select all A
Deselect all A

Navigation 730

Forward one frame
Back one frame
Forward one second
Back one second
Match frame in Master clipF
Match frame in Source file F
Next edit E or ' or 8
Previous edit E or ; or 7
To next edit or In/Out
To previous edit or In/Out
Go to In point I
Go to Out point O
Next gap G
Previous gap G
To beginning of media
To end of media or
To next marker or M
To previous marker or M
Shuttle backward fastJ (tap repeatedly to increase speed)
Shuttle backward slowJ + K
Shuttle forward fastL (tap repeatedly to increase speed)
Shuttle forward slowL + K

Finding items 731

Finding items
Find F
Find Next (in Find results) G or
Find previous (in Find results)

Scrolling 731

Horizontal scroll left
Horizontal scroll right
Vertical scroll up
Vertical scroll down

Screen layout and display 731

Screen layout and display
Custom Layout 1 U
Custom Layout 2 U
Standard layout U

Projects and sequences 731

Projects and sequences
New project N
New sequence N
New Sequence with Presets prompt N
Import file I

Browser 731

New bin B
Open bin (List view)
Close bin (List view)
Make Favorite Effect F
Logging Column Layout B
Standard Column Layout B
Toggle Browser View H
Make Favorite Motion F

Timeline 731

Create or break link L
Create or break stereo pair L
Toggle track sizes T
Clip Keyframes on or off T
Clip overlays on or off W
Delete and leave gap
Ripple Delete (no gap)
Ripple Cut to Keyboard X
Fit sequence in window Z
Lock video track + track no. + track no.
Lock all video tracks
Lock audio track + track no. + track no.
Lock all audio tracks 5
Toggle Audio Waveforms W
Linked Selection on or off L
Modify Duration D
Zoom Timeline In + (plus sign) or =
Zoom Timeline Out – (minus sign)

Logging and Capturing 732

Logging and Capturing
Log clip
Batch capture C
Capture Now C

Playing video 732

Playing video
PlayL or
Pause/StopK or
Play around current\(backslash)
Play every frame P or \ (backslash)
Play here to Out P
Play in reverse or J
Play In to Out \(backslash)

In and Out points 732

In and Out points
Set In point| or / (slash) on keypad
Set Out pointO or * (asterisk) on keypad
Clear In I
Clear Out O
Clear In and Out X
Make selection an In or Out A
Mark clipX
Mark to Markers A
Go to In point I
Go to Out point O
Set video In only I
Set video Out only O
Set audio In only I
Set audio Out only O

Markers 732

Add marker or ` (accent grave)
Add and name marker +
Delete marker ` (accent grave)
Extend marker ` (accent grave)
Reposition marker ` (accent grave)
Next marker M or
Previous marker M or
Clear All Markers ` (accent grave)
Mark to Markers A

Tool selection 733

Tool selection
Tool SelectionA
Tool Edit SelectG
Tool Group SelectG+G
Tool Range SelectG+G+G
Tool Track Forward SelectT
Tool Track Backward SelectT+T
Tool Track SelectT+T+T
Tool All Tracks Forward SelectT+T+T+T
Tool All Tracks Backward SelectT+T+T+T+T
Tool Roll EditR
Tool Ripple EditR + R
Tool SlipS
Tool SlideS + S
Tool Razor BladeB
Tool Razor Blade AllB + B
Tool HandH
Tool Zoom InZ
Tool Zoom OutZ + Z
Tool CropC
Tool DistortD or C + C
Tool PenP
Tool Pen DeleteP + P
Tool Pen SmoothP + P + P

Editing 733

Select Closest EditV
Add Edit V
Toggle Ripple/Roll Tool TypeU or R
Add Default Video Transition T
Add Default Audio Transition T
Extend editE
Insert edit[*]
Insert with transition
Overwrite with transition
Fit to fill
Make subclip U
Split edit Click In or Out point
Slip edit Click In or Out point
Set target video + track no. + track no.
Set target video to None
Set target Audio 1 + track no. + track no.
Set target Audio 1 to None
Set target Audio 2 + track no. + track no.
Set target Audio 2 to None
Trim backward one frame[ (left bracket) or, (comma)
Trim backward xframes [ (left bracket) or , (comma)
Trim forward one frame] (rt.bracket) or . (period)
Trim forward xframes ] (rt. bracket) or .(period)

[*] Same as key command for OS 10.3 Expose feature. Reassign keys for FCP or Expose to avoid conflict.

Output 734

Show Current Frame on External Video
Print to video M
Toggle External Video

Compositing and special effects 734

Compositing and special effects
Nest Items C
Add Motion Keyframe K
Add Audio Keyframe K
Next Keyframe K
Previous Keyframe K
Make still frame N
Run FXBuilder script () K
Render selection R
Render sequence R
Disable Rendering
Speed J
Toggle Image/Wireframe viewW
Toggle RGB/RGB+A/Alpha W
Fit in window Z
Nudge position down
Nudge position left
Nudge position right
Nudge position up
Sub pixel down
Sub pixel left
Sub pixel right
Sub pixel up
Zoom in = (equal sign)
Zoom out – minus sign)
Add Motion Keyframe K
Add Audio Level Keyframe K
Mixdown Audio R

Quick Navigation Keys and Modifiers 735

Quick Navigation Keys and Modifiers
This group of keyboard shortcuts for marking and navigation are arranged in what is known as a “Set-Clear-Go” scheme.
  • The simple key command sets the edit, marker, or point.

  • plus the key command advances to the next edit, marker, or point.

  • plus the key command advances to the previous edit, marker, or point.

ISet InGo to InClear In
OSet OutGo to OutClear Out
MSet MarkerNext MarkerPrevious Marker
EExtend EditNext EditPrevious Edit
G Next GapPrevious Gap
K Next KeyframePrevious Keyframe
KAdd Motion Keyframe  



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