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Chapter 11. Fine Cut: Trimming Edits > Selecting an Edit for Trimming

Selecting an Edit for Trimming

Tips on Tools

FCP's edit tools get a heavy workout when you transform your rough assembly into a fine cut. You can review the contents of the Tool palette's selection and edit tools in “Anatomy of the Tool Palette” in Chapter 10, but here are some other ideas for making efficient use of these tools:

  • Use the keyboard shortcuts to call up an edit tool. See Table 11.1 for a list of basic selection shortcuts. Check out Appendix B for more shortcuts.

    Table 11.1. Tool Selection Shortcuts
    Razor BladeB
    Razor Blade AllB+B
    Edit SelectionG

  • Once you've selected an edit tool, press U to cycle through the three principal trim types: Roll, Ripple Left, and Ripple Right.

  • You can use the Ripple and Roll tools to directly select the edit you're adjusting. With one click, you've selected the edit and specified the edit type.

  • After you've selected your first Timeline edit point, use the Up and Down Arrow keys to jump to your next or previous edit. FCP automatically selects each edit point as you jump to it.

  • Pressing the Option key to override linked selection works on all edit tools, not just the Selection arrow.

  • Pressing the Command key while dragging an edit tool on a selected edit in the Timeline will “gear down” the tool and allow you to make fine adjustments.

  • Turn off snapping to make fine adjustments that don't align with an existing edit point, marker, or clip boundary.

  • Turn on snapping to align an edit to another existing edit point or marker.



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