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Chapter 14. Advanced Techniques > Understanding Multicam Editing - Pg. 460

Advanced Techniques Tip 460 · You can also copy and paste Sequences inside the Project Browser to create a backup of a particular Sequence. The copy always retains the original state and isn't affected by any alterations you make to the original Sequence. To combine Sequences onto one Timeline 1. 2. 3. Create a new Sequence by clicking once on the New Sequence button in the top-right corner of the interface. When the New Sequence dialog appears, enter a unique Sequence name in the top box and select the setting appropriate to the media clips you are using. Drag the Sequence you want from the Sequence Rack to an empty Timeline. The Sequence appears on the Timeline as the Sequence name without display-ing the various cuts the original had, although these are included inside the actual Sequence clip (Figure 14.5). Note: Markers will still be displayed.