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Using Final Cut Pro in Real World Workflows > Gathering and Editing Film

Lesson 4. Gathering and Editing Film

Lesson FilesLessons > Lesson 04 > Lesson 04 Project.fcp, Lesson 04 Database, Lesson 04 Connect Clips, Lesson 04 Manual Database, Lesson 04 Conform Database, Lesson 04 Reverse Telecine
MediaMedia > Lesson 04 Media
TimeThis lesson takes approximately 90 minutes to complete.
GoalsLearn the traditional film workflow and terminology
 Plan a film workflow
 Determine film, sound, and telecine specifications
 Create and export a Cinema Tools database
 Connect clips to the database
 Prepare the clips for editing in Final Cut Pro
 Set up a Cinema Tools project in Final Cut Pro
 Determine how to effectively use effects, transitions, and filters
 Visually identify duplicate frames

In the previous chapter, you learned the principles of gathering and editing video, which shaped an important foundation for working with film.

If your project was shot on 35mm or 16mm film, and you plan to finish on film, you need to design a workflow that allows you to generate an accurate cut list so that you can conform your original film. This type of project, which originates and finishes on film, requires an offline workflow in Final Cut Pro that incorporates Cinema Tools.

There are many variations of professional film workflows; for the purposes of these exercises, you’ll observe an example of a typical film workflow. Your film project specifications may vary, but the principles of film workflow will still apply. In this lesson, you will learn how to plan and organize a film project, gather media, and leverage Cinema Tools to track your original film and audio sources.

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