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Lesson 18. Operational Troubleshooting: ... > Solving FireWire Connectivity Proble...

Solving FireWire Connectivity Problems

FireWire is a great form of connectivity. It’s fast, convenient, painless, and inexpensive. One cable is all it takes to get data from one device to another, with few or no special settings to maintain. But as with all connectivity standards, you can run into problems with it. Here are some troubleshooting tips.

FireWire Connectivity Problems at a Glance
Type of ProblemSymptomPossible CauseSolution
Nonmounting FireWire drive#1: Disconnected FireWire drive doesn’t mountDrive was improperly disconnectedRemount your improperly disconnected drive, page 832
 #2: FireWire drive doesn’t mount despite correct connectionBad cable or damaged portImprove your FireWire connections, page 833
Dropped frames with daisy-chained FireWire drives#1: Dropped frames during playback and recording to daisy-chained FireWire drivesFireWire drives and DV deck are sharing the same busSeparate FireWire drives and video devices to separate buses, page 834
Lack of communication with FireWire deck or camera#1: Insert editing is unavailable with current deviceUnsupported device or machine control protocolUse compatible deck or switch device control protocols, page 836
 #2: Log and Capture reports no communication with connected deviceCamera or deck not set to DV or HDV (depending on the type of video format you are working with)Correct your FireWire device settings, page 837
 #3: Can’t communicate with connected AJ-HD1200A deckIncorrect menu settings for this deckMake sure your settings are correct, page 837
Capture interruptions and failures over FireWire#1: “Unable to Lock Deck Servo” message during capture attemptIn point for capture is too close to first frame of video on tape or preroll setting is too shortMake sure your device can reach needed playback speed, page 838
 #2: Interrupted captures and spotty performance when using RAID-0 volumes of FireWire 400 or 800 drivesConflicts and bottlenecks on shared FireWire busOptimize your system for HD through FireWire, page 839



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