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Lesson Review

1.Which feature in Mac OS X 10.4 can you use to add custom metadata to files?
2.If you need to share a project between different user accounts on the same system, what kind of permissions should the project folder have?
3.Which application new to Mac OS X 10.4 do you use to create custom actions to batch process repetitive tasks?
4.Which Mac OS X Finder setting overrides standard Unix permissions?
5.What is the essential quality of a robust backup system?
6.Which method of file recovery makes use of the Autosave Vault?
7.What is the first thing you should do when you have recovered a project from the Autosave Vault?
8.Which interchange format can you use to open a Final Cut Pro 5 file in Final Cut Pro 4.1?
9.What kind of user settings can you share across a network?
10.What is the fundamental difference between captured media and rendered media files?


1.Spotlight Comments.
2.The shared directory needs to grant read access to the group or individual users who need to work with the project files. If you want collaborators to be able to save changes to the file in the shared directory, they will also need to have write permissions.
4.File locking will override Unix permissions.
5.You should only rely on a backup system that has redundancy built in.
6.The Restore option enables you to open projects that have been archived in the Autosave Vault.
7.Immediately save the file once you have restored it.
8.You can export either an EDL or XML file to import a FCP 5 project into FCP 4.1. XML interchange was introduced in version 4.1—it is the recommended format.
9.You can share button bars, window arrangements, hardware setups, plug-ins, and keyboard layouts across a network.
10.The fundamental difference between captured media and render files is that captured media is transferred onto your system from an external source, whereas rendered media is generated on your computer.



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