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Lesson 17. Lesson: Operational Troublesh... > Solving Still Image Issues

Solving Still Image Issues

FCP can take in an unusually large number of file formats, such as Photoshop files, meaning that you can generate footage from nearly any source and integrate it into your project. The trick is performing such imports correctly, using suitable source material. What follows are a few of the most common issues users encounter when importing the range of file formats FCP supports.

Still Image Issues at a Glance
Type of ProblemSymptomPossible CauseSolution
Image sizing and scaling issues#1: Fuzzy and pixelated imagesImages have been scaled above 100 percentUse a graphics program to resize your graphics; page 790
 #2: Project opens slowly and is unresponsiveHigh-resolution images used in projectRestrict image resolution; page 791
Scaling and interlace artifacting#1: Footage flickers or ripplesGraphics with thin linesEnlarge image or apply a blur; page 792
Photoshop image problems#1: Loss of some Photoshop-applied effectsPhotoshop features are incompatible with FCPFlatten effects or avoid specific Photoshop features; page 793
 #2: Disappearing texture and drop shadowsUse of vector-based imagesRasterize Photoshop images; page 793
 #3: Stretched imagesMismatch of pixel shapesUse Photoshop to “squeeze” the images; page 796
 #4: Movie loses transparencyMissing or reversed alpha channelReverse the alpha channel; page 799
 #5: Graphics lose sharp edgesAlpha channel is incorrectly assignedSwitch the alpha channel; page 801



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