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Lesson 8. Hardware and Interfaces > Analog Video Formats

Analog Video Formats

Here’s a listing of the analog formats you’re likely to encounter in FCP work. We won’t attempt to list all the analog formats ever made, or all those currently in use somewhere in the world; these are the ones likely to cross your path.

Analog Video Formats (SD) at a Glance
NamesBest FCP I/OBest FCP ControlComments
1-inch Type CComposite through TBCRS-422Most common 1-inch format; obsolete
1-inch Type BComposite through TBCRS-422Mostly European 1-inch format; obsolete
¾-inch U-matic & U-matic SPComposite through TBC, Y/C through Y/C-688 converter, Y/C or component from Y/C-688-accepting TBCRS-422Still used for dailies and video workprints; best decks: BVU-900 series
Betacam, BetacamSPComponent YPrPbRS-422BVWs/CVWs best, then PVWs, then UVWs
VHS, S-VHSY/C, through TBC if no TBC in deckRS-422VHS looks better captured through Y/C from an S-VHS deck than via composite; Panasonic AG-7500 series is best, but hard to find
MIIComponent YPrPbRS-422AU-650 best; AU-65 and later JVCs OK, too
Video8, Hi8Y/C, through TBC if no TBC in deck; FireWire from a Digital8 deckFireWireVideo8 looks better captured via Y/C from a Hi8 deck than via composite from a Video8 device; EVO-9000 series is best; EVS-7000 also very good (but has only LANC control)
EIAJ Type 1, ½-inch reel-to-reelComposite through TBC, if possibleManual (no device control)Obsolete; B&W and color variants; early ½-Inch does not conform to RS-170A specs and may require specialized TBC to recover signal
2-inch, Quadruplex, QuadComposite through TBCManual (no device control)Obsolete, though some systems still used for spot playback; best to dub to more FCP-friendly format
Betamax, ED-BetaY/C through TBCLANCObsolete; best: SL-HF750/900/950/1000 (Betamax); EDV-9500 (ED-Beta)
Fisher-Price Pixelvision, PXL-2000RF: use ANT input on VCR to decode to baseband, capture via Y/C or compositeManualSmall cropped B&W images



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