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Lesson Review

1.What do these applications have in common: LiveType, Cinema Tools, Compressor, SoundTrack Pro, Logic, Motion, DVD Studio Pro, and Shake?
2.What is the most basic interchange format?
3.Name an advantage Open Media Framework (OMF) has over a traditional EDL.
4.What is OMF most commonly used for?
5.What is XML and what does it do?
6.What might you be doing while working at a specialized online editing facility?
7.What should you do before you output your online session?
8.Name four possible reasons for using the Create Offline option.
9.When should you include a window burn of the sequence or clip timecode?
10.What should appear at the beginning of any master tape?
11.What does the Batch Export command let you do?


1.They can all seamlessly exchange information.
2.Edit decision list (EDL).
3.OMF can store more information than EDL.
4.Audio export.
5.XML, or eXtensible Markup Language, lets you create, translate, exchange, and read any single element or an entire Final Cut Pro project file.
6.Increasing resolution, color correction, transition and filter manipulation, and preserving broadcast video specifications.
7.Play through your sequence and arrange all your video clips onto the lowest possible tracks.
8.Trim the clips to reduce the amount you will need to recapture; change your sequence settings to another resolution; duplicate your sequence; and save the duplicated sequence in a new project.
9.Whenever you create a reference output.
10.Bars and tone, slate, and countdown.
11.It lets you export multiple elements with various codecs, formats, and settings.



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