If it's good enough for the legendary Hollywood film editors, it's good enough for you! This guide is aimed squarely at Final Cut Pro users just like yourself--at corporate, commercial, and independent post-production houses--who want to move beyond simple Final Cut Pro installations for their film and video masterworks. Through project-based lessons and step-by-step instructions, this self-paced guide shows you how to integrate high-end capture cards, storage systems, and other industry-standard hardware into a Final Cut Pro workflow, as well as how to install and configure Final Cut Pro to make the most of your professional non-linear editing system. This is the technical information most frequently requested by Final Cut Pro users, pulled together into one book that is both a self-paced learning tool and the official curriculum for the Apple Pro Training and Certification Program. The guide covers everything from system configuration, storage, and device connectivity to the intricacies of SAN solutions, and includes special sections on optimizing short-form/broadcast workflows and long-form/HD workflows. It offers troubleshooting advice at every turn: for dropped frames, mismatched audio and audio distortion; imported graphic file issues, media management, file recovery and archiving strategies, and much more. DVD with lesson files and media included.

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This book originally included a companion DVD. For easier downloading, the disc has been segmented into smaller parts. These files consist of a master file and several related parts. The master file has the filename extension ".dmg". The related parts have the extension ".dmgpart".
INSTRUCTIONS: -- You must download all of the files before proceeding --
1. Place all the downloads in the same location. (in a folder or on the Desktop)
2. Open the file with the extension ".dmg". This is the master image. Once launched, it will automatically reconnect all of the segments and mount the whole disc image.
NOTE: You must have Mac OS X to use these files.

  • APTS_Optimizing_FCP.dmg
  • APTS_Optimizing_FCP_002.dmgpart
  • APTS_Optimizing_FCP_003.dmgpart
  • APTS_Optimizing_FCP_004.dmgpart
  • APTS_Optimizing_FCP_005.dmgpart
  • APTS_Optimizing_FCP_006.dmgpart
  • APTS_Optimizing_FCP_007.dmgpart
  • APTS_Optimizing_FCP_008.dmgpart