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Lesson 12. Working with Photoshop Elemen... > Editing a Photoshop image from Premi...

Editing a Photoshop image from Premiere Elements

You can edit a Photoshop Elements image while you're working in Premiere Elements using the Edit Original command. Changes you make to the image will be updated automatically, even if the clip is in your timeline.

Click on the Word_Balloon.psd clip in your timeline. If you need to zoom into your timeline to view the clips better, press the equals sign (=) on your keyboard to zoom in. Choose Edit > Edit Original. You could have also used the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + E or right-clicked on the clip and chosen Edit Original from the context menu. The Word_Balloon.psd file opens in Photoshop Elements.


If Photoshop Elements is closed it will automatically launch and open the designated file.

Click on the Type tool () in your tool bar and make sure the Horizontal Type Tool is selected.

Place your cursor inside the word balloon on the left hand side and click once to add an insertion point. Click on the color swatch on the top of your screen in the options bar to open the Color Picker window. Choose the color black and then close the Color Picker in order to make your text visible against the word balloon.

In the options bar, click on the Font Family menu and choose Arial from the list of fonts. In the font size menu immediately to the right, select 24 pt.

Type the following in the text layer. Just waiting for my. Press enter to move to the next line then type ship to come in...

If necessary, click on the Move tool () in your tool bar and click and drag the text layer to center it in the word balloon.

Choose File > Save and then switch to Premiere Elements by clicking on the Premiere Elements button in your Windows taskbar. The changes made to the Word_Balloon.psd file in Photoshop Elements have automatically been updated in the Premiere Elements project. This can be very useful because it removes the need for having to re-import an image file every time a change is made.

If needed, click on the word balloon in the Monitor window and then click and drag it closer to the boy. Because the image is on a transparent background it can be repositioned.

Click on the top of the timeline window to select it and then press the Home key to place the current-time indicator at the beginning of the timeline. Press the spacebar to play your project.



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