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Lesson 12. Working with Photoshop Elemen... > Creating a new Photoshop file optimi...

Creating a new Photoshop file optimized for video

The integration between Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements works both ways. The first few exercises have focused on sending image files from Photoshop Elements into Premiere Elements. In this exercise you will create a new still image in Premiere Elements, open it in Photoshop Elements, modify it and then use it in your Premiere Elements project.

Make sure you are in Premiere Elements. Choose File > New > Photoshop File. In the Save Photoshop File As window, navigate to your Lesson12 folder if necessary. Name this file Word_Balloon and click Save. This will create a new Photoshop file with the extension .psd into your Lesson12 folder.

Your application will automatically switch to Photoshop Elements and you may see a window notifying you that the file you are about to view was meant to be viewed on a television screen. Click OK. You will now see the file Word_Balloon.psd open in the Photoshop Elements Editor.

Photoshop Elements has two primary components. The Organizer, which you have been using in the previous exercises. The Organizer allows you to sort and categorize your digital photos. There is also the Photoshop Elements Editor, which allows you to enhance and modify your images using a series of image-editing tools.

A. Options bar. B. Tool bar.

The Word_Balloon image was automatically formatted for your digital video project using dimensions 720 pixels wide by 480 pixels high. The checkerboard that you see indicates that the image is on a transparent background.

Click on the Custom Shape tool () located in your Tool bar.

At the top of the Photoshop Elements options bar, click on the color swatch to open the color picker. Click in the upper left corner to choose the color white. Click OK.

If the word balloon is not your default shape in the options bar click on the shape pulldown menu and choose the word balloon shape. Now, place your cursor in the upper right corner of the Word_Balloon image and then click and drag down and to the left to create a word balloon shape. Don't worry about the exact placement, however you should try to fill the top right quadrant.

Choose File > Save. The Save As window appears. You should be viewing the Lesson12 directory, if you are not, navigate there now. Additionally the file name should be defaulting to Word_Balloon.psd. Click Save. When the alert window appears notifying that the file already exists, click OK. If a Photoshop Elements Format Options window appears, click OK.

Switch back to Premiere Elements by clicking on the Premiere Elements button in your Windows taskbar. The Word_Balloon.psd file has automatically been updated in your Media window.

Click and drag the Word_Balloon.psd file into your Video 2 track at the beginning of your timeline. Move your current-time indicator to the beginning of the timeline if necessary to see the effect. Because the word balloon was created on a transparent background it is superimposed over the 18_months.jpg clip. In the next exercise you will add text to the word balloon.



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