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Lesson 12. Working with Photoshop Elemen... > Moving images manually into Premiere...

Moving images manually into Premiere Elements

Using the Send To Command in Photoshop Elements will always place a still image into the Premiere Elements timeline. You may prefer to place images directly into the Media window rather than the timeline. There are two ways to accomplish this; first, you can drag images from the Photo Browser in Photoshop Elements to the Media window in Premiere Elements. Secondly, you can copy images from the Photo Browser in Photoshop Elements and paste them into Premiere Elements. You will now use both of these methods to transfer images from Photoshop Elements to Premiere Elements.

Switch to Photoshop Elements by clicking on the Photoshop Elements 3.0 button at the bottom of your screen in the Windows taskbar. You will now drag an image from the Photo Browser into the Media window of Premiere Elements.

You must be able to manually move the Photoshop Elements program window for this step to work. If your screen is maximized you must click the Restore button in the upper right corner of the Photoshop Elements to restore the program window. If your window is already visible, do not do anything.

Place your cursor at the top of the Photoshop Elements 3.0 application window and click and drag it to the right until you can see the Premiere Elements window beneath.

A. Premiere Elements. B. Photoshop Elements.

Click on the image thumbnail with the caption 6/15/2002 and drag it on top of the Premiere Elements Media window. You will see a small hand and a small image thumbnail when your cursor is over the Media window. Release the mouse and the image 18_months.jpg is placed into the window. You should have also automatically switched into Premiere Elements. You can now use the image as a clip in your project.

Click and drag the clip 18_months.jpg from the Media window into your Video 1 track, placing it at the very beginning of your timeline. When you release the mouse, all the subsequent clips will shift to the right.

Click on the Photoshop Elements 3.0 button to switch back to Photoshop Elements. Move the Photoshop Elements application window to its original location. Maximize the window if you prefer.



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